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Evaluation Kit

GuRu Wireless Evaluation Kit

    GuRu’s wireless power transfer Evaluation and Development Kit (Eval Kit) offers technical teams an opportunity to assess and apply GuRu solutions to their application. The Eval Kit contains key elements of our solution system in a convenient desktop form factor. A generator unit (GU) and a recovery unit (RU) are included to demonstrate wireless power transfer from GU to RU at various distances. Businesses may also test wireless power transfer scenarios of their own in order to develop designs that would successfully integrate our solutions. Our application team will be available to provide support during the evaluation period.

    GuRu Wireless Evaluation KIt

    FCC NOTICE: This kit is designed to allow:
    (1) Product developers to evaluate electronic components, circuitry, or software associated with the kit to determine whether to incorporate such items in a finished product and
    (2) Software developers to write software applications for use with the end product. This kit is not a finished product and when assembled may not be resold or otherwise marketed unless all required FCC equipment authorizations are first obtained. Operation is subject to the condition that this product does not cause harmful interference to licensed radio stations and that this product accepts harmful interference. Unless the assembled kit is designed to operate under part 15, part 18, or part 95 of this chapter, the operator of the kit must operate under the authority of an FCC license holder or must secure experimental authorization under part 5 of this chapter.