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The ability to transfer energy over a distance without physical wires is as transformative to our world as the discovery of electricity itself.

It frees us from the tether of wall outlets and the limitations of batteries.

At a time when mobile devices have penetrated so many areas of our lives, the need for wireless power is ever greater.

GuRu delivers the future of wireless power

safely, effectively, and now.


GuRu leads the industry in multi-watt over-the-air wireless power transfer:

Benefits uniquely offered by GuRu:

Dynamic sensing and tracking

Automatic alignment of power and device

Powering and tracking of multiple devices

GuRu for OEMs

GuRu’s adaptable technology is the preferred wireless power solution for meeting distinct OEM needs across multiple applications:

GuRu OEM Smarthome
Smart Home
GuRu OEM Mobile
Mobile Devices
GuRu OEM Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
GuRu OEM Automotive & Industrial
GuRu OEM Industrial
Industrial IoT
GuRu OEM Power Infrastructure
Power Infrastructure
GuRu OEM Medical Devices
Medical Devices
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GuRu’s proprietary technology enables safe and precise transmission and recovery of micro-watt to multi-watt level wireless power over-the-air at unprecedented distances.

Smart Lensing

A fundamental departure from previous power transfer methods, GuRu employs proprietary “smart lensing” technology that enables the use of focused energy beams for power transfer. Among the benefits of “smart lensing” is the ability to pinpoint specific targets for power delivery rather than flood an entire room with wireless energy.

GuRu Technology
GuRu Technology - Enterprise
GuRu Technology - Living room
GuRu Technology - Warehouse

Millimeter Wave Operation

GuRu is the only wireless power solution operating in the millimeter wave spectrum – 24GHz frequency – enabling an unprecedented level of miniaturization and efficiency for power transfer.

GuRu Technology - Boards

Fully Integrated Chips and Modules

GuRu’s scalable wireless power modules include transmitting and receiving antennas and are powered by a lineup of fully integrated advanced millimeter wave chips. The tile-able modules and chips enable fully customizable, cost-effective and miniaturized solutions.

GuRu Technology - Fully Integrated Chips and Modules
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