GuRu Wireless Technology

Sending Power With
Radio Waves

Our zero contact energy system powers devices in homes and workspaces. Beams of radio waves carry energy through the air, from generator—to device. These beams intelligently find, and power devices. Devices placed anywhere in a room with a nearby generator automatically receive power.

Generating Unit

The GU is where your wireless power originates. This generator plugs directly into the wall and converts electricity into millimeter wave radio energy. Inside the GU, a grid of thousands of transmitters generate energy—and through the RF lensing process, this energy is focused into concentrated beams of radio wave energy. These beams carry energy to nearby devices.

GuRu Wireless Recovery Chip

Recovery Unit

The RU contains a small, thin array of circuits. It is placed externally on the back of your device (or embedded into your device’s architecture.) This RU announces its presence to the GU, so that radio waves are sent to it from the GU. The RU determines how much energy your device needs, and converts incoming radio wave beams into electric power.

RF Lensing

Radio Frequency Lensing allows us to send concentrated beams of radio frequency through the air, and to your devices. Radio wave energy is generated in the GU, and then it is refracted and channeled into highly focused beams, which reach and power your devices. This refraction of radio frequency into beams is similar to how a magnifying glass works—how diffuse light is collected, refracted, and then focused on a small point in space.

GuRu Wireless Technology


GuRu’s design was created with extraordinary and deliberate attention to human health and wellness. RF energy beams are engineered to go only where directed and nowhere else. Unlike WiFi, which projects energy in all directions—radio frequency is highly contained within beams and only projected to devices. The energy beams have shallow penetration depth and can not reach internal organs (unlike cell phone and WiFi signals). Additionally, GuRu’s sensing technology and safety interlocks pause energy beams within milliseconds, if a person or pet approaches a beam’s path.

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