Solutions & Application

 GuRu for OEMs

GuRu’s adaptable technology is the preferred wireless power solution for meeting distinct OEM needs across multiple applications.

Smart Home

Integrated wireless power solution for Smart Hubs and connected devices is key to a seamless Smart Home ecosystem.

Mobile Devices

Power smartphones over-the-air, offering true mobility and unprecedented functionality to mobile users.

Wearables & Gaming

Revolutionary consumer experience by fast charging wearables or gaming devices from a distance, even while in use.

IoT Sensors

Eliminating wiring cost or battery replacement unleashes utilization of IoT sensors in several market sectors.

Automotive & Transportation

Powering multitude of sensors, displays, and consumer devices in the cabin without weight and complexity of wire harnesses.

Industrial IoT

Over-the-air power delivery to IoT devices that monitor the equipment analytics or the warehouse inventory is safe and cost-effective.

Building Infrastructure

Future homes, offices, and commercial buildings will have pre-installed wireless power delivery outlets.

Medical Devices

No contamination risk and no downtime when medical devices and sensors are powered from afar without human intervention.


GuRu’s proprietary technology enables safe and precise transmission and recovery of micro-watt to multi-watt level wireless power over-the-air at unprecedented distances

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