GuRu in the News

On: April 17, 2020

Discovering clean energy technologies has become the goal of companies and think tanks around the world, and it requires thinking outside of the box.

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On: March 27, 2020

This week, we interviewed Florian Bohn, CEO and co-founder of GuRu, a firm founded in 2017, as the culmination of research that Bohn had been involved in at the...

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On: March 23, 2020

Florian Bohn has always felt compelled to understand the way the world works. As a co-founder and CEO of GuRu, Florian brings years of technology experience.

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On: March 2, 2020

Apple ultimately canceled its wireless power program because of coil alignment. Three new platforms aim to work around the problem that slowed the tech giant down.

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On: February 26, 2020

From personal robots to a 10-second toothbrush, there was plenty to see and even more to talk about at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. If you weren’t one of...

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