GuRu in the News

On: June 19, 2020

There's a convergence happening-a cascading domino effect involving Tesla's new power storage and distribution technology and separately, the advent of two technologies: the 5G wireless network and wireless power.

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On: June 4, 2020

With Apple’s official adoption of Qi as the wireless charging standard for the iPhone in 2017, the Wireless Power Consortium’s preferred protocol has become the de facto global standard...

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On: April 27, 2020

GuRu engineers are using various well-established Electronic Design Automation tools to design integrated circuits (from Cadence and Mentor Graphics) and printed circuit boards (Altium) and to conduct simulations for...

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On: April 17, 2020

Discovering clean energy technologies has become the goal of companies and think tanks around the world, and it requires thinking outside of the box.

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On: March 27, 2020

This week, we interviewed Florian Bohn, CEO and co-founder of GuRu, a firm founded in 2017, as the culmination of research that Bohn had been involved in at the...

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